The Future of Hospital Parking is Here!

Healthcare is all about delivering the best care, and a part of that experience starts with hassle-free parking and access. Meet Sippi, your new friend in the digital world, here to revolutionise parking and access control at healthcare facilities. We’re all about making life easier for patients, visitors, and staff by streamlining operations, boosting security, and cutting down on admin headaches.

Sippi: Changing the Game in Healthcare Parking and Access Control

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing Sippi into the healthcare sector, and you’re invited to check it out at the Healthcare Estates 2023 event in Manchester on October 10-11. This is where we’ll introduce you to our tailor-made solutions designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by healthcare facilities.

Simplified Parking E-Permits

Parking permits in healthcare can be a real headache, but not anymore with Sippi. We’ve made permit management a breeze with instant account setup and a paperless approach. Say goodbye to waiting for physical permits! Plus, we’re all about going green by reducing paper use. You can customize parking rules easily at site, user, and bay levels, and leave the admin stuff to us. Sippi ensures a smooth parking experience, reducing issues with incorrectly displayed or delayed permits.

Effortless Access Control

Access control in healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated. Sippi offers a digital-first solution to manage access to restricted areas like gated car parks and storage spaces. This means less time spent on admin tasks, lower costs, and enhanced security. Our keyless access, visitor management, and real-time control make life simpler. Plus, we play nice with your existing hospital systems, ensuring everything works together seamlessly.

Cashless Parking Made Simple

Welcome to the future of hospital parking with Sippi’s cashless payment solutions. Our app is designed with your patients, visitors and staff members in mind, providing a range of payment options. No more digging for loose change or dealing with clunky payment machines. It’s convenient, secure, and works alongside traditional payment methods. With Sippi, we aim to make the entire hospital journey, from parking to care, stress-free.

Data-Driven Decisions

Sippi doesn’t just make things easier; it’s also smart. We provide insights into facility usage, visitor counts, emissions, occupancy rates, and more, depending on any additional services and technology such as ANPR. This data empowers you to reduce costs, make informed decisions, and improve overall operations. It’s all about enhancing your services for patients, visitors, and staff.

Sippi isn’t just a parking solution; it’s a partner in your healthcare facility’s management. Ready to explore the future of healthcare parking? Contact us today to discover how Sippi can transform your hospital’s parking experience. And don’t miss the chance to see Sippi in action on stand D54 at Healthcare Estates 2023. We can’t wait to show you how we’re changing the game in healthcare parking and access control.