Cashless Payments

Welcome to the future of car park payments. Now you can collect payments from motorists before, during or even after their stay.

Embrace the convenience of cashless transactions

Introducing our cutting-edge cashless payment app for parking convenience! With a focus on flexibility and motorists' satisfaction, our app provides a wide range of payment options customised for each site and seamlessly complementing traditional solutions. Thanks to the power of near real-time dynamic pricing, you can now ensure fair rates and maximise your revenue potential. Integration with existing technology ensures a smooth transition, making it easier than ever to adopt our low carbon-footprint solution. Plus, gain enriched customer data for valuable insights into parking habits and preferences. Elevate your parking services to new heights with cashless payments from Sippi.


Why you need Sippi on your site

  • Simple and intuitive real time ability to collect digital payments for parking
  • Flexible and wide-ranging payment options bespoke to each site, supplementing traditional solutions
  • Near real-time dynamic pricing
  • Low carbon-footprint solution
  • Enriched customer data
  • Integration with existing technology

Data-driven decisions with our Data Insights


Discover a new level of efficiency with Sippi’s advanced data insights, offering a detailed understanding of your car park’s performance and customer journey mapping through an easy-to-use platform. This helps you make smart decisions for your business, spot ways to increase revenue, and adapt your operations quickly. For example, Sippi provides information on vehicle emissions to support green efforts, sustainability plans, and EV strategy.

Get ready to take your car park to the next level with Sippi’s data-rich solutions!


The Sippi app usually provides an extra method of payment for the convenience of drivers. Sippi also has a Scan-to-Pay solution which doesn’t require a download.

Sippi users can book in advance, pay on arrival, pay on exit, or even pay up to 24h after exit. 

With the use of Sippi, drivers can pre-book, set up an auto-payment, or pay up to 24h after their visit to your car park.

Users of the Sippi app can pre-book their parking space (subject to location terms).

Sippi is available on Apple Car Play and Android Auto. 


It depends if you are on private or public land and the rules that govern those parking spaces. Whilst some clients choose not to enforce car park rules, others use the enforcement services of a contracted car park operator. Talk to us to explore your options.

Setting up promo codes is really easy. Use these for different incentives, special offers, events etc.

How can I see the app?

The Sippi user-friendly app is available to download from Apple Store and Google Play. For more details go to

Do you have any more questions? 


Discover a new level of efficiency with Sippi's advanced Data Insights

Sippi helps you make smart decisions for your site, spot ways to increase revenue, and adapt your operations to improve stakeholders' satisfaction.