Access Control

Unlock the future: grant keyfob-free, PIN-free access to restricted areas and gain effortless visitor journey insights.

Elevate security and understand visitor & staff journeys

Introducing our revolutionary access control solution with the Sippi app! Unlock restricted areas on-site effortlessly, while also gaining valuable insights into visitor journeys and facility usage. With a seamless blend of convenience and security, our app allows for keyfob-free access, eliminating the need for lost PIN codes and traditional access methods. Embrace the future of access control with Sippi and discover a whole new level of understanding and efficiency for your site facilities. Elevate your security measures and gain actionable insights into visitor patterns, ensuring a top-notch experience for all. Say goodbye to outdated access systems and welcome hassle-free, data-driven access control with Sippi.


Why you need Sippi on your site

Effortlessly manage access to a wide range of controlled areas, including gated car parks, staff areas, electrical boxes, bike cages, pedestrian gates, bin/storage areas and even marina pontoons, all within our comprehensive access control solution.

  • Eliminate hassle from lost key fobs and forgotten PIN codes
  • Near-real-time tracking of visitor movements on-site, ensuring a proactive approach to access control
  • Eco-conscious access control solution, minimising environmental impact
  • Valuable insights into visitor patterns and behaviour for enhanced customer experiences

Data-driven decisions with our Data Insights


Discover a new level of intelligence with Sippi’s advanced data insights, offering a detailed understanding of your customer, visitor or staff journey mapping through an easy-to-use platform. This helps you make smart decisions for your business, spot ways to increase revenue, and adapt your operations quickly. For example, Sippi provides information on entry or exit events, frequency of visits, sequence of events on site etc. 

Get ready to take your operations to the next level with Sippi’s data-driven solutions!


By choosing Sippi, you get our cutting-edge technology as part of the solution. The only hardware necessary to gather all those valuable insights, are our discreet bluetooth beacons at the points that need monitoring or control. Talk to our team for more information on the tech we use.

Users of the Sippi app can pay for their parking or mooring space and access secured areas fast. Once on your site, we use the app to track events and provide you with the insights you need to enhance the visitor experience and increase revenue.

Is it legal to track people's movements?

To gain access, Sippi users need the Sippi app. Please refer to the App Terms & Conditions and App Privacy Policy.

Do you have any more questions? 


Discover a new level of efficiency with Sippi's advanced Data Insights

Sippi helps you make smart decisions for your site, spot ways to increase revenue, and adapt your operations to improve stakeholders' satisfaction.