Creating seamless parking experiences for customers and boosting retail success.

Welcome to the future of retail parking. At Sippi, we understand the critical role parking plays in providing a delightful shopping experience for your customers. Our cashless payment system and data insights enable you to create a flawless and uneventful parking journey, leaving positive impression on shoppers and increasing their likelihood of returning to your retail stores. With Sippi, you can maximise customer satisfaction, increase footfall, and boost retail success by focusing on what matters most – the shopping experience.

Streamlined parking permit management for staff

Simplify permit management for staff with Sippi. Our flexible digital solution optimises the process, freeing up time for your team to cater to shoppers' needs.

Streamlined permit management

Simplify the process of managing permits for staff, ensuring a more efficient and organised parking solution.

Time-saving solution

With Sippi's permit management system, staff can enjoy a hassle-free parking experience, allowing them to focus on their responsibilities within the retail establishment.

Secure access control for restricted areas

Streamline access control to restricted areas within your retail establishment using Sippi. Enhance efficiency and security for staff and customers alike.

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Seamless cashless payments for an enhanced shopping journey​

Make parking the first delightful step of your customers' shopping experience with Sippi's cashless payment solutions.

Our app offers a stress-free parking journey, eliminating the need for cash transactions and ticket machines. By streamlining entry and exit processes, customers can effortlessly focus on their shopping, while you maximise parking capacity and customer turnover. The Sippi app provides convenient payment methods tailored to suit all shoppers, ensuring a smooth and efficient parking experience. Implementing dynamic pricing during peak hours optimises space utilisation and revenue opportunities, allowing you to cater to high demand efficiently.

At Sippi, we understand that a seamless parking experience complements your retail success, leaving your customers delighted and eager to return.

Experience effortless parking

Sippi's cashless system offers a seamless and stress-free parking experience for retail customers, eliminating the need for cash transactions or ticket machines.

Dedicated support for exceptional service

Benefit from dedicated account managers who handle parking-related inquiries, ensuring a smooth and delightful parking journey for every retail customer.

Unlock actionable data insights

Leverage real-time data to understand parking usage trends and make informed decisions to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Tailored payment convenience

Choose from a variety of payment methods within the app, designed to suit the preferences of all shoppers, ensuring a hassle-free transaction process.

Personalised communications

Utilise data insights to run targeted, personalised communications for shoppers, enhancing engagement and loyalty to your retail brand.

Dynamic pricing for peak efficiency

Implement dynamic pricing strategies based on demand patterns or vehicle emissions, optimising parking space utilisation during busy shopping hours, and maximising revenue and environmental impact reduction opportunities.

Empowering your retail success with actionable data insights

Unlock the power of data insights to drive your retail success with Sippi's comprehensive platform. Our data-driven insights enable you to understand parking usage trends, optimise parking space utilisation, and ensure a pleasant experience for your customers. Leverage behavioural patterns to generate targeted, personalised communications that boost customer engagement and loyalty. Real-time data empowers you to make informed decisions, maximising revenue during peak shopping periods. Moreover, during quieter times, use data insights to explore additional revenue streams, such as subletting parking lots.

Sippi's dedicated account managers ensure customer service issues related to parking are promptly addressed, leaving shoppers with an exceptional experience that aligns with your retail brand.