Optimise berth management, enhance boater, visitor and staff satisfaction, and increase revenue with Sippi’s comprehensive digital solutions tailored for marinas.

Managing a marina involves unique challenges that demand seamless integration of berth allocation and access, revenue generation from site's facilities such as restaurants and shops, nature preservation and complex payment systems that allow for mooring, parking, concessions and more. Sippi offers a tailored, end-to-end digital solution for marinas that simplifies these complexities. Our system enhances the mooring and parking experience for boat owners and visitors alike, ensuring easy access and secure, cashless transactions. With Sippi’s cutting-edge technology, marina managers can focus on customer service and operational efficiency, while our real-time data insights help optimise berth and site facilities utilisation and increase revenue. 

Streamlined parking permit management for marina users and staff

Simplify permit management at your marina with Sippi. Our flexible digital solution is designed to optimise the management of permits for staff, seasonal guests, contractors, and berth holders, freeing up time for your team to focus on superior service and marina operations.

Digital permit issuance

Instantly issue and manage permits digitally, allowing berth holders, staff, and contractors to access and manage their permits from any device, enhancing operational flow and eliminating delays.

Reduced administrative burden

Streamline the management process with a digital system that cuts down administrative tasks and costs, freeing up marina staff to focus on customer service and other critical operations.

Flexible settings for users and vessels

Customise permit settings specifically for different user groups and vessel types, providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each marina setting.

Advanced access control solutions

Sippi provides robust access control tailored to the unique needs of marinas, enhancing security and operational efficiency while minimising the administrative burden associated with traditional access methods. Digitally manage access to car parks, pier gates, ablution facilities, boat ramps, and other restricted areas using the Sippi app, eliminating the need for traditional fobs, access cards, or PIN numbers.

Seamless cashless payment solutions for vehicles or vessels

Sippi's innovative cashless payment system revolutionises how marina visitors manage their parking and mooring transactions.

Our integrated solution in the Sippi app allows users to seamlessly choose and pay for car parking or boat mooring, simplifying the payment process while enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

By integrating parking and mooring payments into one easy-to-use platform, Sippi not only simplifies the transaction process but also helps marina operators enhance operational efficiency and customer service. This comprehensive approach ensures a smoother visitor experience and supports marina management in achieving their financial and service excellence goals.

Revenue optimisation features

Utilise dynamic pricing strategies and targeted promotional offers within the app to maximise revenue potential during peak times and special events, while still prioritising customer satisfaction.

Custom user journey

Directly within the Sippi app, users can effortlessly select whether to pay for car parking or boat mooring, offering a streamlined experience that caters to the diverse needs of marina visitors.

Instant & flexible payment processing

Reduce wait times with immediate payment processing and offer a variety of payment methods—including credit cards, mobile pay, and pre-paid accounts—to accommodate all user preferences.

Enhanced customer engagement

Integrate loyalty programs and discounts directly into the payment process, encouraging repeat visits and long-term loyalty among boaters and visitors.

Actionable financial insights

Our platform provides comprehensive reporting tools that deliver valuable insights into revenue patterns and user behavior, enabling marina managers to make data-driven decisions that boost revenue and enhance visitor satisfaction.

Security & compliance

Ensure secure transactions with encrypted data handling and compliance with financial regulations, giving users peace of mind when paying for services.

Actionable data insights for marina management with Sippi

Harness the full capabilities of Sippi's digital solutions to gain comprehensive insights into the activities at your marina, both from land and water. Our advanced platform offers valuable data that empowers marina owners to enhance operational efficiency and visitor satisfaction effectively.

  • Comprehensive Usage Analytics: Track and analyze how both parking spots and moorings are being utilized, gaining insights into peak times, duration of stays, and types of vessels or vehicles. This information helps in making informed decisions about space allocation and service offerings.

  • Visitor and Revenue Optimisation: Utilise real-time data to understand visitor patterns and adjust offerings accordingly. Implement dynamic pricing models for mooring and parking based on demand, which helps in maximising revenue while maintaining high satisfaction levels among visitors.

  • Enhanced Visitor Experience: Leverage data on visitor preferences and behaviour to tailor communications and promotions, enhancing the overall visitor experience. Insight into the busiest times and visitor flows can also help in staffing decisions and facility management to avoid congestion and enhance satisfaction.

  • Environmental Impact Insights: Access data on the environmental impact of marina operations, including emissions from parked vehicles and moored vessels. Use this information to implement greener practices and promote sustainable usage among visitors.

By integrating Sippi’s data insights into your marina management strategy, you can not only streamline operations but also create a more enjoyable and efficient environment for all users, ultimately driving both revenue growth and customer loyalty.