Leisure & Hospitality

Simplify parking, maximise revenue, and delight your customers with Sippi’s innovative solutions. 

Welcome to the world of seamless parking solutions tailored to the leisure and hospitality industry. We understand the importance of leaving a lasting positive impression on your venue's patrons. Our cashless payment system and data insights enable you to create an uneventful parking experience, ensuring visitors can focus solely on enjoying your venue. With Sippi, you can maximise revenue through dynamic pricing and targeted communications, while our dedicated account managers handle any customer service issues related to parking. Let's make parking a breeze and elevate your venue's reputation.

Streamlined parking permit management for staff

Simplify parking permit management for staff with Sippi Permits. Our flexible digital solution optimises the process, leaving your team more time to focus on providing excellent service to your guests.

Hassle-free staff parking

Simplify permit management, providing staff with effortless parking solutions and enhancing staff satisfaction.

Streamlined process

Parking permits management is made easy, so your focus stays on delivering excellent service to your guests.

Secure access control for restricted areas

Ensure seamless access control to restricted areas within your leisure and hospitality venue using Sippi. Our cutting-edge system offers keyless entry for authorised personnel, making access to stores, bin cages, and other restricted zones effortless. Trust Sippi to provide a smooth and efficient solution for managing restricted areas.

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Effortless parking payments: the future of campus convenience​

Make parking a non-memorable and seamless part of the customer journey with Sippi's cashless payment app.

Whether patrons are visiting your pubs, restaurants, entertainment parks, or hotels, our app offers a stress-free parking experience. By eliminating the need for cash transactions and ticket machines, customers can effortlessly enter and exit your venue without hassle. The Sippi app provides various payment methods, ensuring convenience for every visitor, and our dynamic pricing strategies help you maximise revenue opportunities during busy periods. Moreover, during quieter times, our system allows you to sublet parking lots, generating additional income for your business.

Trust Sippi to leave a positive first impression on your guests, with parking experiences that are smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.

Hassle-free transactions

Sippi's cashless payment system offers seamless parking transactions, eliminating the need for cash and reducing queues at entry and exit points.

Personalised communications

Utilizs data insights to run targeted, personalised communications for customers, enhancing engagement and loyalty to your venue.

Customer convenience

With various payment methods available within the app, visitors can effortlessly pay for parking, enhancing their overall experience at your venue.

Dedicated account manager

Benefit from dedicated account manager who handle parking-related inquiries and ensure customers have a delightful and uneventful parking experience.

Additional revenue opportunities

During quieter times, sublet parking lots to external users, generating additional income for your leisure and hospitality business.

Revenue optimisation

Implement dynamic pricing strategies based on demand patterns or vehicle emissions, to maximise revenue during peak periods and ensure efficient parking space utilisation.

Empowering your venue with actionable data insights

Unlock the true potential of your leisure and hospitality venue with Sippi's data-driven insights. Our comprehensive platform empowers you to monitor occupancy levels, analyse behavioural patterns, and generate targeted, personalised communications for your customers. By understanding parking usage trends, you can optimise your operations, ensuring ample availability for visitors while maximising revenue streams. Using dynamic pricing based on demand patterns enhances your revenue opportunities further. Sippi's data insights enable you to create a seamless parking experience, leaving your customers delighted and focused solely on enjoying your venue.

Additionally, our dedicated account managers provide exceptional customer service, addressing any parking-related issues, and ensuring a memorable visit for every guest.