Enhancing patient, visitor, and staff parking experience with comprehensive digital-first solutions.

Navigating parking within a healthcare environment can present unique challenges and consume valuable time and administrative resource. Sippi is a comprehensive and adaptable digital solution designed to streamline parking management and access control. Our cutting-edge system aims to enhance the parking experience for patients, visitors and staff. With Sippi’s healthcare-focused parking management solutions, you can ensure a seamless and efficient parking experience for everyone entering your facility.

Streamlined parking e-permit solutions for healthcare facilities

Simplify parking permit management within your healthcare facility with Sippi. Our flexible digital solution optimises the process, enhancing staff and visitor experience while reducing administration time and costs. Say goodbye to waiting for physical permits with our instant account setup. By going paperless, we contribute to a greener environment, offering a sustainable solution for your car parks. Enjoy seamless parameter settings at site, user, and bay levels, and leave the hassle of admin tasks to us. With Sippi, you can minimise Parking Charge Notices due to incorrectly displayed or delayed permits, and ensure a positive experience for all your car park users.

Instant account setup

Get started immediately with our quick and easy account creation process.

Flexible parameters

Customise parking rules at site, user, and bay levels for maximum control and efficiency.

Greener solution

Go paperless and embrace sustainability for your car parks and the environment.

Effortless access control solutions for healthcare facilities

Save time and reduce administrative costs associated with forgotten PINs, lost key fobs or access cards. You can now use Sippi to grant access to barrier controlled or gated areas such as estates department, loading/delivery areas or specific priority car parks i.e. consultants only.

  • Keyless Access: Experience a seamless, keyless access solution without the need for PIN numbers, access cards, or fobs.
  • Visitor Management: Permit authorised users to grant access to visitors and contractors directly from the app, simplifying visitor management.
  • Real-time Control: Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting access permissions in real-time for enhanced security and convenience.
  • Integration-ready: Seamlessly integrate Sippi with existing hospital systems and infrastructure for a cohesive access control solution.
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Convenient cashless parking solutions that work for NHS

Embrace the future of hospital parking with Sippi's innovative cashless payment solutions.

We understand the daily parking challenges within a healthcare facility. Sippi has been designed to suit the diverse needs of all patients, visitors and staff members. Our dedicated app is flexible to meet the unique parking requirements of healthcare facilities and seamlessly complement traditional payment methods. From car parks to specialised areas, our cashless system offers a wide range of payment options, ensuring a stress-free parking experience for all motorists on site.

Sippi's commitment to cashless parking payments aims to enhance the overall hospital experience, providing patients, visitors, and staff with a seamless and stress-free journey.

Trust Sippi to take care of your parking needs, so you can focus on patient care.

Boost revenue potential

With Sippi's dynamic pricing and efficient payment options, healthcare facilities can maximise their revenue potential without compromising on motorists' satisfaction.

Enhanced payments security

Our secure and encrypted transactions provide peace of mind for patients, visitors, and staff, ensuring their payment information is protected.

Seamless integration

Enhance your hospital's parking services by seamlessly integrating Sippi's cashless payment system with your existing infrastructure, optimising the parking experience for everyone.

Tailored payment options

Sippi provides NHS car parks with additional payment options. Motorists can pay on entry, pay on exit, or even pay after exit from the comfort of their sofa, once they’ve left the hospital that day.

Effortless convenience

Patients and visitors can easily pay for parking without the need for cash, reducing the hassle of searching for loose change or payment machines.

User-friendly app

Sippi's app is user-friendly and intuitive, offering a seamless experience for patients and visitors as they navigate parking payments effortlessly.

Forgettable parking experience

Paying for parking should not be a source of additional stress for anyone that arrives at your healthcare facility on wheels. Sippi offers smooth, uneventful parking experience to all motorists.

Real-time dynamic pricing

Ensure fair and optimised parking rates with near real-time dynamic pricing based on vehicle emissions, busy periods etc.

Get started today

Contact us now to learn more about how Sippi's cashless payment solutions can transform your hospital's parking experience for the better.

Driving digital transformation and data insights

Embrace the full potential of Sippi's digital solutions to gain enhanced insights into the usage of your hospital's car parks and beyond. Our comprehensive platform provides valuable data on how your facilities are utilised, allowing you to reduce the misuse of permits and enhance the overall experience for patients, visitors, and staff. Instantly access insightful data on site access and facility usage, including visitor counts, emissions footprint, vehicle types, occupancy levels, and more. With data-driven decisions at your fingertips, you can effectively reduce costs, make well-informed tactical and strategic choices, and boost operational efficiency, ultimately improving the motorists' experience within your healthcare facility.

By harnessing the power of data, Sippi empowers your hospital management team with valuable information to optimise parking operations and make well-informed decisions, enhancing the services you provide to patients, visitors, and staff.