Enhance parking experiences for staff, students, visitors, and suppliers with Sippi’s modern, digital-first parking solutions for educational institutions 

Managing parking within educational institutions can be complex and time-consuming. Sippi provides a modern, end-to-end digital solution for parking and access control, ensuring a flawless parking experience for staff, students, visitors, and suppliers. With our cashless payment system, you can supplement traditional payment methods or completely eliminate the need for cash payments and enjoy a seamless car parks operation. Focus on education while we take care of your parking needs.

Streamlined permit management for an organised campus

Simplify parking permit management within your educational institution with Sippi. Our flexible digital solution optimises the process, enhancing the overall experience for staff, students, visitors, and suppliers. Say goodbye to waiting for physical permits with our instant account setup. Embrace a greener approach with our paperless solution for your campus parking. Enjoy seamless parameter settings at site, user, and parking bay levels for maximum control and efficiency.

Faster processing and hassle-free sdministration

Enjoy swift permit processing, minimising wait times and administrative burdens. Seamlessly integrate our platform into your existing infrastructure, ensuring a hassle-free setup with dedicated support from our team. Deliver an exceptional parking experience to staff, students, and visitors, and reduce any avoidable fines.

Advancing sustainability and digital transformation

Sippi's streamlined permit management supports your campus's sustainability targets and digital transformation objectives. By embracing a paperless and digital approach, you reduce paper waste and optimise administrative processes, aligning with your institution's green initiatives and modernisation goals.

Secure and simplified access solutions for a busy campus

Efficiently manage access to controlled areas within your educational institution using Sippi. Our cutting-edge system offers keyless access for authorised personnel, minimising the risk of lost fobs or cards. Permitted staff and students can grant access to visitors and contractors directly from the app, streamlining entry and enhancing security. 

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Effortless parking payments: the future of campus convenience

Embrace the future of parking payments within your educational establishment with Sippi's cashless payment solutions. Our dedicated app offers a range of convenient options tailored to meet the needs of staff, students, visitors, and suppliers. Say goodbye to the hassle of cash payments and ticket machines. Pay for parking seamlessly at entry, exit, or even after leaving the campus, up to 24 hours post-visit.

With Sippi's cashless system, you can focus on education, knowing that your parking experience is effortless and stress-free.

Hassle-free parking

Sippi's app offers a stress-free parking experience, eliminating the need for cash or ticket machines.

Secure and private

Rest assured with encrypted transactions and protection of payment information within the app.

Convenient options

Access various payment methods within the app, tailored to staff, students, visitors, and suppliers.

Eco-friendly approach

Sippi's paperless parking solution aligns with your campus's green initiatives, supporting sustainable practices.

Track usage

Stay informed with rich data on parking transactions and usage through the app.

Effortless transactions

Seamlessly pay for parking through the app at entry, exit, or up to 24 hours after leaving the campus.

Data empowered parking: optimising campus efficiency and increasing revenue

Leverage Sippi's digital solutions to gain valuable insights into the usage of your campus parking areas and controlled zones. Access instant data on site access, parking patterns, visitor counts, and more. With data-driven decisions at your disposal, you can optimise parking management, reduce operational costs, drive additional revenue and enhance the overall parking experience for all driving stakeholders of your educational institution.