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Integrated parking and access control digital solutions, plus actionable data insights 

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Accelerate your digital transformation with cashless payments, e-permits and digital access technology.


Modernise your payment options: unlock access to cashless convenience with Sippi


Smart parking allocation: improve driver experience with e-Permits


Access made simple: next-gen access control with cutting-edge solutions

One App - Multiple Applications

From seamless cashless payments and streamlined parking e-permits, to next-gen access control, Sippi offers innovative solutions that cater to various aspects of motorists' experience, ensuring convenience and security in one integrated platform. 


Actionable Data Insights

Our advanced data analytics platform will give you detailed information about how your sites are doing.


Power up even more by adding ANPR and you'll get data on things like how busy your car parks are and at what times of the day or night, how much space is left with potential to sublet, how long people stay, and trends in vehicle types and emissions. This helps you make smarter decisions and use your assets better.


Plus, we can also tell you if it's a good idea to add EV Charging Points and help you promote eco-friendly practices, so you can be efficient and environmentally responsible at the same time.

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Some of the businesses who use Sippi for their digital transformation projects.

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